Frequently Asked Questions

See our most common questions related to the Croatia boat registration.


All nationalities are welcome to register boats in Croatia. Boat registration is permitted in Croatia for both residents and visitors.

We are required to have the following:

  • A copy of bill of sale
  • A copy of passport or ID
  • CE certificate/Measurement certificate
  • Radio station license
  • Insurance policy of boat

We can provide you the temporary registration within a week.

Yes. The certificate will include boat details.

The ministry accepts documents in Croatian language. If the document are not in the required language, then we will take care of the sworn translation.

Small pleasure craft under 5 meters may not be needed to undergo the inspection as part of the registration process, but the owner is still in charge of making sure the boat complies with all applicable Croatian legal requirements on safety and technical standards.

For vessels larger than 5 m, a technical inspection is necessary solely for the first registration, and for vessels lower than 5 m, this inspection is frequently carried out by the port captain every five years.

However, in order to verify that the vessel satisfies the technical and safety criteria of Croatian laws and regulations, commercially registered boats in Croatia may be subject to an examination as part of the registration process.

To continue with the MMSI license, we need the following documents:

  • A copy of bill of sale
  • A valid radio station license
  • Technical specs of radio station (Brand, model, serial number, antenna type, placement location)
  • Yachts above 15m, a valid inspection certificate

Yes, we can. Please supply us the new bill of sale, original registration certificate, a copy of passport, if a company is the new owner then we need company formation document proving the registration number and the status of the company, proof of address (can be a utility bill or a bank statement), Inspection report (If the yacht is above 15m),

We can help you terminate the registration from the Croatian registry.

Please supply us the reason for the cancellation, owner’s name and contact information, boat name and registration number.

To operate a boat on the sea or on major lakes and rivers in Croatia, you need a sailing licence. The kind of license needed will depend on the size, model, and navigational area of the vessel you'll be operating.

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